1991 – 1992

„The Union“ was founded in 1992 for a project of Jörg Fischer.

Carsten, Thomas and Jörg recorded a track called „Fortune“, which was written by Jörg some years before. None of the three thought of playing together in a band. But after recording „Fortune“, Jörg, Thomas and Carsten decided to write and play songs together.

1992 – 1994

The band „Flexable“ was founded in 1992.

After some years playing together, „Flexable“ recorded a CD. Unfortunately the band seperated after recording the CD.

1994 – 1995

Thomas and Carsten stayed in musical contact. They met Uwe Kögel, a great and fast guitar player. Together, they composed new somgs in a different, more complex sound as „Flexable“. But one job was not occupied. The job of the bass player. The three searched for a good bass player, but noone seemed to fit into the group.

1995 – 1996

Tired of looking for a bass player, Carsten called Jörg if he wanted to join the new group. Jörg was very happy with the idea playing with is old friends.

But the new sound of the group was very different from the „Flexable“ times. It was more complex, less melodic. Jörg and Uwe didn’t harmonize in a musical way. After nearly a year playing together, Jörg decided to leave the group.

1996 – 2001

Jörg joined „Cheap Turtle“ in 1996 and „versus X“ in 1999.

Carsten, Thomas and Uwe got to know Mike Guterra a great bass player who played by versus X before. The four called their band „Transhumant“ which plays a complex and interresting kind of progressive music.


Because of many people, who asked for the recordings of the old band of versus X bass player Jörg Fischer, in 2001 the studio recordings of 1994 were released on a limited CD called „Re-Flexable“ limited to only 10 pieces.


As you can imagine, the 10 CDs were sold out after a short time!!!

So in 2002 „Flexable“ decided to produce a regular CD-DA (Audio-CD).

The features of the new version of the CD „Re-Flexable (2002)“:

Vocals (sung by Jörg Fischer) were added to „The Mask“
Complete New Design
Studio Picture Gallery
Better Sound (CD is remastered)

The CD „Re-Flexable“ can be ordered directly by us. Please contact us via our contact form.